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Attached is the application for YouthBuild, please have them complete and email to

For more information check out the website

Workforce Solutions Borderplex was notified by the Department of Labor that its application for the “YouthBuild El Paso!” initiative was selected for funding.  The growing demand for talented workforce to meet the surge in construction labor creates an exciting opportunity to launch a YouthBuild program.  If you have young adults that are interested in a construction career and either have their HS diploma or need help with attaining their GED are a good fit for YouthBuild.  Any young adult that that has an interest in being a part of community change is perfect for this program.  The process will be to submit the application before December 1, 2016,  a panel will then make the selection and additional interviews and testing will be completed.  Once the final selection is done the young adults will enter training from January-May, in May they will then enter work based employment.  Attendance is required and will be closely monitored.  The young adult will finish the training with construction industry recognized credentials, if applicable their GED, and paid work experience.  This is a great opportunity for young adults that are willing to make the commitment and fulfill the program requirements!!

The young adults that you refer to me must be:

  • Out of school, either graduated or dropped out-  this program requires attending training Monday-Friday all day for  a little over 4 months
  • Between the ages of 18-24
  • Must be able to provide proof of being a resident in the following zip codes only:







If the youths are interested deadline to apply is DECEMBER 1, 2016, please have them sign up via this link .  We will be at the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso every Monday and Wednesday in November from 4p-6p to help with the application and videos 801 S Florence St.

If you have a group of youths interested, set up an appointment with me and I will go to your location to sign them up and help them with their application.  Please let me know, the sooner the better! 

Laura Chavando

Youth Outreach Specialist

Workforce Solutions Borderplex

9740 Dyer Street

El Paso, TX 79924

(915) 478-2694 Cellphone

(915) 887-2890 Office

(915) 881-4888 Fax

Annunciation House: Donations Needed

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Continuing Need: there has been a steady increase (up to 100 per day) in the ammount of refugees (primarily from Central America) coming through Annunciation House. They are in need of space/facilities (preferably with showers) from churches and organizations willing and able to help with refugees arriving (even a small ammount for a short period of time or specific days or times), needing a shower, clothing (particularly underwear), a cot to sleep on, meals, volunteers (Spanish-speaking preferably), and helping sending refugees to their families elsewhere in the U.S.

Attached File (Link): detailed 6-page refugee shelter needs list

To help, please contact Ruben Garcia, director,

OPERATION: Loving Care-Chess Boards Needed

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OPERATION: Loving Care is pleased to announce that Mr. Micah Levigne has volunteered to start a Chess program with the at-risk and mainstream youth that use the Rae Gilmore Recreation Center facilities. He has garnered the interest of other veterans who wish to volunteer their time to mentor these youth as well. The only thing that is missing from the equation is…chess boards and pieces. If there are any agencies that have these games on hand but haven’t any use for them, OPERATION: Loving Care would be glad to put them into play in a great way! Micah has plans to engage these children in tournaments local to this Rec Center and hopefully, expand this mentorship program across El Paso…one Rec Center at a time. Please contact Gail Wilson at (915) 667-0382 if you can help us help Micah or if you have any questions.