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Questions regarding bills sumbitted to TX legislature

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To access bills go to Texas  Legislature online:

The display screen will appear as such:

Senate Search

For fast searching, see RED arrows. With a provided bill number, a search will list bill information pertaining to that bill number.

On the left hand side of the page you will see TEXAS HOUSE and TEXAS SENATE.

Under Texas House there is a list.  Click on “Committees”.  Click on the “Juvenile Justice and Family Issues” Committee.  Click on “bills in and out of committee”. There is an option to click on the specific bill to see the wording.

Under Texas Senate there is a list.  Again click on “Committees”.  Then this time click on “Criminal Justice” Committee.  Again click on “bills in and out of committee”.  Click on any bill listed to read in detail.


It is too early to know which bills may pass and/or in what form.  But it is never too early to let your state representative or senator know your feelings regarding these bills.



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